Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Not an Auction without an Auctioneer

This year is our ten year anniversary and what an amazing decade it has been! Here are just a few of some of the amazing items we have had the pleasure to sell here at our auction company.
Pier Point Puffy Lamp for $20,000
Andrew Clemmens Sand Bottles for $24,000
Aeronaut Occupational Shaving Mug for $45,000 which still holds the world record
Pedal Airplane for $10,000
Ambulance Occupational Shaving Mug for $29,000
 Howard Astronomer Clock for $115,500 which also holds the world record
 Pig Flask for $22,000
Pedal Fire Truck for $20,000
Redwing Director's Jug for $55,000

Wayne Yoder started his auctioneer business in April of 2002. Since then he has held thousands of many different types of auctions. Some of them are toy auctions, horse auctions, occupational shaving mug auctions, coin auctions, estate auctions, gun auctions, and car auctions just to name a few. When asked why he became an auctioneer, he will tell you it is because he enjoys the many different types people he meets across the country that come to the auctions and the action each auction provides.

In 2008, Wayne Yoder became the Wisconsin Auctioneer State Champion when he participated in the competition held every year at the Wisconsin State Fair located in Milwaukee, WI. "It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget." He had participated in the competition three times before but did not achieve his goal of state champion. Every year he learned from his mistakes and bettered himself. His hard work shows through in every auction that he has.

Currently, Wayne Yoder strives to have the most professional and technologically advanced auction company in Wisconsin that gets the highest bid amount for his consignors. On the first wednesday of every month, he has his radio show on WOSH where he talks about plenty of things about auctions. He takes phone calls during his show and answers any questions you may have about things that you have at your home that you might look to sell or answer questions you have about bidding.

He looks forward to seeing you at our next auction here in Wautoma, WI on February 25th. We will be selling toys, guns, marbles items, a reverse painted lamp and many more! See You There!

Bid High, Bid Often!

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  1. This is the best sample of antique pedal fire truck. I like this blog ever not just the picture but also the content.